All we have is a Gift from God,
What we do with what we have is our Gift to God

Dear Friends in Christ:

The Stewardship Committee initiated an exploration of how we make use of our time and talent in a Spring Forum on recognizing and using our gifts and the Summer reflective questions on the weekly Gospel lessons.  We have discovered that there is a tangible hunger to strengthen our connections as a community, nourish our spiritual growth and practice living with gratitude so we are offering a couple of programs this Fall to foster this yearning.

In partnership with the Outreach Committee, we will be sponsoring a year-long Ministry of the Month program to bring focus and awareness and to provide celebration and recruitment opportunities of our ministries.  Displays located in the narthex will highlight our 30 ministries and specials program and activities will be hosted each month to engage you in their important work.  Stay tuned through the coming months to learn more.

In addition, our Fall pledge campaign drive will center around a book titled “Love Let Go: Radical Generosity for the Real World,” written by the Rev. Laura Sumner Truax and Amalya Campbell.  Laura is an Episcopal priest who, after an unexpected financial windfall to her church, gave each parishioner $500 and asked them to express gratitude by sharing with their community in a way that will alter lives.  The gesture had the effect of transforming the lives of parishioners as well as the lives of members of the larger community in powerful ways.  Exploring her book seems apropos both for the visioning process we will be undertaking in developing our church profile and for prayerfully considering the gifts of time, talent and treasure we might pledge to help the St. George’s community and mission.  Discussions will occur following the 10:30am service on October 21st, November 4th (Ingathering Sunday) and December 9th.  The book cost will be $16 (print copy) or $11 (electronic copy) and will be distributed on October 7th to all interested in participating.  More details will follow.

We are excited about the upcoming opportunities for each of us to challenge and deepen our faith as well as to build our community through love and gratitude.  We hope you will join us in our endeavors to keep St. George’s the strong, loving and supportive home it has been to us all.

Welcome home and we look forward to you participating in as many of these opportunities as you wish.


The Stewardship Committee

(Glenn Hoff, Susan Keller, Valyrie Laedlein, Sharon McSorley, Dan Mitchell and Cheryl Notari)