Social Justice at St. George's

St. Georgians participating in the Gay Pride March in NYC.

St. George's has a long history of working for social justice. Since its founding in 1905, the congregation has been at the forefront of the movements for civil rights, fair housing, and the rights of women and LGBT people. 

First Friends

First Friends of New York & New Jersey provides compassion and hope through volunteer visitation, resettlement assistance and advocacy to over 2,4000 detained immigrants and asylum seekers in four NJ detention centers.

We collect phone or gift cards and writing supplies, assist in letter writing campaigns, sponsor forums and discussion groups.  We also provide visitations on a regular basis in the detention centers and have temporarily housed immigrants upon release.  Financial grants are awarded to support their programs.

Contact: Deacon  Ken Boccino,

Prison Ministry

The Episcopal Diocese of Newark Prison Ministry advocates for restorative justice, interfaith programs and personal healing for prisoners, their families and their communities.  They lead weekly Bible study and provide Saturday mentoring program, holiday gifts and summer camperships for the children whose parents are incarcerated.

Parishioners are invited to participate in ministry advocacy.  Financial grants are awarded to help fund summer camperships.

Contact: Lindsay McHugh,

The Rev. Absalom Jones

The Absalom Jones Committee on Black History & Culture

The Absalom Jones Committee on Black History & Culture provides opportunities to reflect, educate and celebrate the African American contributions to our church and communities.  Various Black History Month activities, Juneteenth celebrations, singing spirituals, soul food coffee hours, guest preachers and adult forums have been offered.

The committee meets as required to plan activities.

Contact: Aleeda Crawley,