Searching for the 8th Rector of St. George's

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UPDATED: St. George’s is in the midst of a period of discernment that will lead to the calling of our eighth rector. A rector search typically takes 12-18 months. Currently, the church is led by two excellent interim co-rectors, the Rev. Gary Commins and the Rev. Lauren Ackland.

Our Search Committee is conducting a Spirit-guided candidate evaluation process, using the touchstone of a comprehensive and carefully prepared Parish Profile which details the character of our vibrant, healthy and contemporary St. George’s community. 

The profile and the request for applications was made available to the broader Episcopal Church on March 15, with a May 28 deadline for submissions.  Interested candidates are encouraged to consult the Diocesan posting of our parish profile at

The Search Committee will continue to update parish members on the selection process, although specific information about applicants is necessarily confidential.  The members of the Search Committee are:

Barbara Bickart
Tilly-Jo Emerson
Ron Garner
David Gorman
Mark Graham
Marymae Henley 
Jane Jubilee
Valyrie Laedlein (Chair)
Lindsay McHugh
Terin Miller
Dan Mitchell 
Rich Tornambe