The Rev. Gary Commins

Interim Co-Rector
(973) 762-1319

Hello, St. Georgians!

I’ve been a priest since 1980 serving in the Diocese of Los Angeles until 2016.  That’s when I sought a change of scene, rolled the dice, won the jackpot, and came to the Diocese of Newark!  I’ve been the Priest-in-Charge at Church of the Incarnation in Jersey City during a dynamic time of ministry in which Incarnation and St. Paul’s are unifying into one congregation.  We have also formed Episcopal Jersey City to coordinate outreach ministries, and opened a small community center.  My earlier experiences were as rector in urban (downtown and inner city), bilingual, and suburban churches, and a campus ministry in the idyllic community of Isla Vista, CA back in the 1980s.

I was the national chair of the Episcopal Service Corps (ESC), national chair of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship (my “chair” phase), a four-time Deputy to General Convention, and a member on the State of the Church Committee of the House of Deputies (my “deputy” phase).  For ten years, I ran the Episcopal Urban Intern Program in Los Angeles (now part of ESC).  For several years, I taught a two-week course on Multicultural Ministry to students from six seminaries.

That’s the past.  In addition to working at St. George’s, I will be a Mentor at the Episcopal Divinity School at Union Theological Seminary once every other week.  I have a couple of titles (“Canon” affixed by the former Bishop of LA, and “Doctor of Divinity” – or DD – given by my seminary), but I prefer to be called Gary. 

Among my hobbies, I like to write (three books, among other things).  But my greatest honor and joy in life is being the father of my son Zac, a great person who works in The Swamp (a.k.a. Washington DC), but don’t hold that against him!