Newcomers' Events

We offer the newcomer opportunities to connect with other newcomers and longer-term members through our coffee hour on a regular Sunday.

We also have more intentional newcomer welcomes in the form of Coffee with the Rector, a small reception in the Rector's office with clergy and members of the Newcomers Committee. This is held once a month, after the 10:30 a.m. service, as announced on the website and in the service bulletin. Participants introduce themselves and share questions, observations and hopes about St. George's. They receive packets of information and invitation to participate in any of the organizations or activities we have. Space is also given to those who want simply to be quietly part of the worship on Sunday.

Another point of entry is the newcomer wine and cheese gathering. This has the same goals and loose format of the Coffee with the Rector, but is held at a Newcomers Committee member's home, offering a different social environment and perhaps a more convenient time. These gatherings also are scheduled and announced in advance.