Becoming a Member of St. George's

What Does Membership Mean?

At St. George’s, we warmly welcome people from any (or no) religious background to explore membership in our community.

In the Episcopal Church, membership is more informal than in some other denominations.  There is no prescribed threshold through which one must pass.  According to our definition, a “member” attends church services and contributes financially to the church on a regular basis. 

At St. George’s, we focus on a person’s individual readiness to make a commitment.  Some people decide to make this their spiritual home after one trip to church!  Others take months or even longer.  Some are drawn by our worship, others by our progressive social stance, others by the joy they find in our fellowship, still others by the way they experience God in our midst.

Membership Takes Many Forms

We ask those who decide to be members to be active partakers of our common life of worship, fellowship, spiritual formation, and outreach.  Like all churches, we practice stewardship in all of its dimensions – sharing our professional skills, personal gifts, and financial resources – to strengthen the mission of St. George’s.

Primarily, though, membership is about participation in any or many of our activities and ministries.

Learning More About St. George’s

We offer opportunities for visitors and newcomers to connect with long-time parishioners and with others new to the church. Find out more on our Newcomers page.

Membership Classes and Services

Traditionally, those who are already Episcopalians ask their former church to send a Letter of Transfer to St. George’s. 

Those who have never been baptized can become members through the Sacrament of Baptism

Those who come from other (or no) religious background can be confirmed or received at an annual event in the Diocese of Newark.  Those who have been baptized in any denomination can be confirmed; those who have been been baptized and confirmed in another denomination can be received into the Episcopal Church at the same service, thereby becoming members of the whole Episcopal Church.

An Inquirers Class prepares adults to be confirmed or received; a Youth Confirmation Class prepares youth eighth grade and older.