April Vestry Meeting Highlights

Judith Stark provided an overview presentation for the church operations to become more environmental-friendly and to reduce our carbon footprint; she will host an upcoming forum to provide awareness and to gage support from the parishioners.  Read more

Childcare Volunteers needed

We are seeking volunteers to work with Mrs. Deck in child care on Sunday mornings. Read more

Ministries of the Month for April

Matthew 25:36:  I was in prison and you came to visit me.    For the month of April, the Stewardship and Outreach Committees are shining a spotlight on ministries that St. George’s supports that serve those who are incarcerated and detained.   Read more

Holy Week at St. George's

Join us for the holiest week of the Christian calendar. Read more

March Vestry Meeting Report

The meeting on March 19, 2019, opened with prayers.  Mike Martins presented the February Finance Report, noting that revenue continued to exceed budget (especially from the pre-payment of pledges); and expenses were closely in line with the budget.  Read more

What Is a Choir?

​The most common and familiar definition of Choir in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “an organized company of singers (as in a church service)”. Read more

Lenten Garden for Easter Bounty

  For the modest amount of $5 per name, you can inscribe a friend or family member’s name on a springtime blossom to adorn our “garden” in the Parish Hall, either as a memorial or in thanksgiving. Read more

March 5th Annual Meeting Highlights

Father Commins opened the meeting with the appointment of Dan Mitchell as Clerk and Lindsay McHugh, Nina Nicholson and Clint Rataczak as ballot counters.  The March 4, 2018 Annual Meeting minutes were accepted by acclamation.  Read more

Happy Retirement, Deacon Kathleen!

The Rev. Deacon Kathleen Ballard has retired from active service as a deacon on March 3, having started and ended her deaconship at St. George's. Read more

Child Care During 10:30 Service

Babies and toddlers through age 4, in the playroom of Parish Hall Read more