Adult Education

Lenten Learning at St. George’s

Lent is a time for reflection, for exploring the boundaries and foundation of our faith. With that in mind, Father Gary and Mother Lauren have planned an extensive array of adult education and spiritual formation events during Lent 2019.

This also responds to St. Georgians’ desire for more opportunities for adult education, as expressed by several parishioners during the recent discernment period of the rector search.

We will continue some of the practices of prior years:

  • Posting daily meditations written by parishioners;
  • Wednesday morning 7 a.m. meditation;
  • Wednesday noon Holy Eucharist and Bible study.

In addition, on Sundays after the 10:30 service, Gary and Lauren will lead a series of classes called “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About … But Were Afraid to Ask”:

  • March 10, Holy Eucharist;
  • March 17, The Nicene Creed;
  • March 24, Holy Week;
  • March 31, Christian Ethics.

All are welcome to attend one or more of these separate classes.

Finally, Gary and Lauren will be leading two separate Wednesday evening classes starting on March 13 at 7:30.  The two groups will worship together at Evening Prayer and then split into separate classes. 

  • Lauren will teach an Inquirers Class for those interested in being confirmed, received, or simply because they want to brush up on their knowledge of the Christian faith and the Episcopal Church.  Persons taking the class – if they wish – may be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church from another denomination or renew their Baptismal Vows on Saturday morning, May 18 at the cathedral in Newark.
  • Gary will teach a class on “Prayer: The Practice of Christian Spirituality,” examining how prayer helps us to express and practice our relationship with God and our neighbors.  The class will cover forms of prayer – intercession, petition, confession, thanksgiving, praise, meditation, and contemplation – and relate each to the whole of our lives.

All are welcome to either class.

So pick and choose and participate wherever you feel led to do so!  Come and learn!  Come and listen!  Come and pray!

Lent 2019
Wednesdays at 7:30 pm

3/13 at 7:30 pm

I. “We Episcopalians: Who are we and how did we get this way?” Introduction and historical overview

3/20 at 7:30 pm

II. “The Bible: content, usage and interpretation”

3/27 at 7:30 pm

III. “The Book of Common Prayer: history, content and uses”

4/3 at 7:30 pm

IV.   “Outward and visible signs of inward and spiritual grace” -- The Sacraments

4/10 at 7:30 pm
V.   “What is it called and what does it mean?” A tour of St. George’s, and a look at the vessels, vestments and other accoutrements of worship.

The classes are open to anyone who is interested. For those who wish to be confirmed or received* or to renew their baptismal vows, the Confirmation service will be at Trinity and St. Philip’s Cathedral in Newark on Saturday, May 18 at 10 am. Each evening will begin as we join with the participants in the class on prayer for a brief service of Evening Prayer, after which we will separate into our respective programs.

The (short) book Welcome to the Episcopal Church by Christopher L. Webber (Morehouse Publishing, 1999) is strongly recommended for those wishing to be confirmed or received, and to anyone interested in a good, brief introduction to the Episcopal Church. It is available for sale new from Church Publishing, Inc., or new or used from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and is available for Kindle and Nook.

*Those who were previously confirmed by a bishop in the apostolic succession (primarily Roman Catholic, Orthodox, or Swedish Lutheran) are received by the bishop, not re-confirmed.  Only confirmed (or received) communicants can be wardens or licensed worship leaders.